When you watch this video–a brief snapshot of recent life for my missionary friends Jon and Adie Leedahl–what questions knock at the back door of your mind?

Jon said that God made clear to him, “This is what I have for you. Now glorify Me.” Adie said God assured her, “You can trust Me. I’ve got this.”

Wait. No miraculous regeneration of the missing leg? No vision of spectacular future results? Just, “This is My plan. Run with it.” What does it take to be okay with that?

Some might say it takes resignation. Like, “So this is to be my lot in life. Guess I’ll just have to accept it.”

But is that how Jon and Adie feel? It doesn’t look that way to me. Jon said, strange as it might seem, he found himself not just accepting his handicap but actually praising God after he lost his leg.

It doesn’t end there. Jon and Adie want to go back. They’re working hard to be able to go back. Jon still wants to be a missionary pilot for New Tribes Mission, serving God in Papua New Guinea.

Is that crazy?

What makes someone praise the One whom he knows “allowed this accident to happen”? And then get up and battle for the chance to go back and keep serving Him?

I’m not going to answer that for Jon or Adie. (Maybe you detected part of their answer in the video.) I’ll let Adie tell you more in one of my future blogs.

I just want you to think about it. What could possibly move a person beyond resignation to rejoicing?


Check out Jon and Adie’s blog to hear more of their story. . .

. . . and follow my blog for more from Adie’s perspective, coming up soon.

Meanwhile, deal with the question:
What could possibly move a person beyond resignation to rejoicing in the face of adversity?
I’d like to hear your thoughts below.


God’s Got His Leg

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