Am I Significant: 6 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Life Count

“Does my life matter?”

It’s the human heart-cry. The question we ask when the days grow gray and the nights, empty.

You can hear it in the executive suite. You can hear it in the sickroom.

Mothers busy wiping little noses ask it. Teens grasping for purpose ask it. Men looking success in the eye—or watching it drain away—ask it.

Wondering if she is significant, if her life even matters, a young girl stares out the window.

How can these ordinary, humdrum days matter?

Striving for Significance

What if your very presence could make a lasting impact on the lives of other people? Say the greatest person in the world pulled you aside and said, “You are the one I love. And you’re the one I choose to represent me to everyone you meet.”

Would that be significant enough for you?

Every one of you who confesses Jesus as Lord of the universe signs up for significance beyond anything you ever dreamed.

                                                                                                                –John Piper

If you belong to the Lord of the universe, you are highly significant. You are loved with an everlasting love, and you have a crucial purpose for living.

Like a lens focusing the brilliant light of the sun on one tiny spot of earth, you bring the Lord of the universe into view just by going about your daily life. In your high-rise executive suite, beside a high chair, behind the wheel, at the gym . . . You matter. Because God who called you is lighting up the world through you.

If you don’t yet have the assurance that your significance is linked to God’s, I promise you: you can know today. Read the good news here.

6 Significant Little Things

Yes, beloved Ambassador, look at how your everyday actions have eternal significance.

#1 – Telling the Truth

The other day, talking with a friend (or was it your child?) you had a choice. You could fudge a little, or exaggerate, or simply omit uncomfortable details. But you decided to tell the truth.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the Truth, and the life.” He is the truth. Your truthfulness brought Him into the conversation.

Remember, lying is a lifestyle in this world. Truth will stand out. It’s so uncommon it’s unpopular. Tell it anyway.

#2 – Forgive

Have you forgiven someone lately? Forgiveness is huge. It’s unearthly. It’s— well, it’s godly.

Do you know the story (in the book of Mark, chapter 2) of the paralyzed man whose friends lowered him through the roof to meet Jesus? Rather than healing the man immediately, Jesus said something shocking. He told the man that his sins were forgiven.

Whoa. “Who does this man think he is?” the crowd demanded. “Only God can forgive sins.” That’s true. So Jesus went on to heal the man as evidence that He was indeed God, the One who forgives.

Each time you forgive those who have wronged you, you are bringing the God who forgives into view.

#3 – Remaining Faithful

Did you make a promise and then keep it, day after day, no matter what? That’s faithfulness. And the Bible says of God, “He who promised is faithful” (Heb. 10:23) and “He who calls you is faithful” (I Thes. 5:24). Who is faithful? God is faithful.

Your daily acts of faithfulness, like a lens, focus God’s faithfulness down here in plain sight.

Down here promises seem made to be broken. But when ordinary human beings keep their promises, people take notice. They begin to hope that perhaps God, too, can be trusted.

Like a lens, a Christian's life can bring God into clearer focus for a watching world.

#4 – Serve Others

Jesus transforms our smallest acts of kindness into eternally significant deeds. Giving a glass of water to a thirsty man, visiting a prisoner, staying up all night with a sick child… These seem so mundane, so drearily ordinary. And yet Jesus says when His children do them, they count as if we’re doing them for Him.

He elevates our simplest actions to the level of the timeless. Just like the story of the woman who anointed Jesus feet with perfume and wiped them with her hair.

For when we serve even in the most menial ways, we are bringing into view the humility of Christ, who washed His disciples’ feet.

#5 – Pray

Each time you pray, you announce God is trustworthy. You honor God as the only One who can meet that need, solve that problem, provide that answer, deserve that praise. Whoever was watching—your children, the other diners at the cafe, your friends, or just the angels in heaven—they all got the message.

And God Himself certainly heard you (Psalm 116:1-2). You had the attention of the God of the universe! Isn’t that significant?

#6 – Love

God is love.” So we must love, too. Each time we love others as God does—sacrificially, with grace and truth together—we make Him visible.

He loves, not tolerates. Love is why Christ went to the cross for us. He wanted to end our self-destruction, not tolerate it. So we must love enough to stand between others and their self-destruction. (Jude 22-23)

Love intensely, watchfully, compassionately. (I Cor. 16:13-14) This is a love the world knows little of, but longs for just the same.

The Secret of Significance

Six steps. Six things you can do whether you earn six figures or nothing at all. Whether you are popular or rejected, young or old, globe-trotting or housebound.

Your significance lies in being loved by the King of kings. Your daily life matters because you are His ambassador.

You represent our mighty Monarch in a foreign land.

  • You speak with His accent when you tell the truth.
  • You use His gestures when you serve, when you remain faithful, when you forgive.
  • You proclaim His excellencies when you pray.
  • And you exhibit His customs when you love.

I would say that’s significant. Wouldn’t you?

What other “little things” would you add to this list?

Has someone ever done a “little thing” that had a large impact on your life because it made God more understandable to you?









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