Gifts from a Hiatus

Ever had one of those times when life feels fast and furious—and you have to let something go? (And you hope it’s not your sanity.) You have to pick something to set aside. Isn’t that a tough call to make?

Juggling too many balls? Need a hiatus? A break may be a gift in disguise.

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you may think letting something go is akin to failure. All you can see is that you’ve dropped one of the balls you’re juggling.

Or maybe you suffer from FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. You lie awake at night wondering what you’re losing by not staying on top of that one responsibility.

Well, I am here to testify: you can survive a hiatus. And before it’s over, you may receive some pretty sweet gifts.

Here’s the story of my latest hiatus from one responsibility (writing this blog) and the gifts it gave me.

I Got to Enjoy Celebrating My Son

I have one son whom I have not mentioned here often, partially out of respect for his limelight-shunning personality. He is one of those people who steadily and quietly advances, succeeding in all he does. He sidesteps spectacle and avoids fanfare.

So I hope he will forgive me for telling you that when he graduated from college this year his list of credentials made the president of his school pause mid-diploma-handoff to say, “Wow!”

An outstanding young man, my son graduated and moved into adult life with excellence.Now that young man, that son of mine, recently found himself an apartment nearer the job at which he had already been excelling for a year. He made the arrangements himself. All my husband and I had to do was show up with a few things from home.

It was almost one of those events that runs so smoothly you barely notice its significance. . . Until in the wake of an off-hand comment, I saw his past and present all flow together through my mind, and I stood amazed at how that tall, bearded man could once have been my little boy.

In a generation of boys not willing to become men, my son is an outstanding exception.

And I received time to enjoy him.

I Got to Finish Telling One Big Story Well

While this blog has sent me searching for interesting stories to tell in a thousand words or so, I also enjoy telling longer stories. One of those, a ghostwriting project of mine, is now being prepared for print. It’s an exciting true story full of life-threatening adventures, of life-changing encounters, and of lives divinely intertwined—with spectacular results. I hope to tell you more about that book soon.

In the process, I’ve learned that ghostwriting is one of my favorite things to do. (Here is a peek at why I enjoy it so much.)

Usually ghostwriters slip away once the manuscript is complete, but I’ve been asked to continue on by helping with the publishing process.

So I received the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to get a book into the hands of its readers.

I Met Fascinating People

Even before I officially launched my freelance writing business this year, I began writing for a client who had me interviewing people who exhibit complete devotion to their work, surmount political and/or cultural challenges, and take delight in making a difference in the world.

I have laughed and cried and prayed with people all over the United States—and beyond. Telling their stories has been a privilege.

I received inspiration from their examples.

A Baby Entered the World

Then, most recently, my grandson was born this summer, named Lewis Raymond after C.S. Lewis and my father.

Isn’t it amazing how one tiny little person can make such a huge difference in how we look at the world? His arrival made his big sister look . . . well, bigger than she was before.

And my enormous to-do list suddenly looked so much smaller. So much easier to put aside in order to welcome little Lewis into our family.

My grandson's birth gave me new perspective on my to-do list, resetting my priorities.

I received a perspective check.

So That’s What My Hiatus Gave Me—What About You?

Thank you for being gracious about my shortage of timely posts here. I return enriched from my time away. Now I would like to hear from you.

When have you taken a hiatus from your regular responsibilities? What did you gain from it?

I appreciate that you follow my words. I would also like to listen to yours.
Please share your thoughts below.





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