I bet you expect to read about me here. That would be short. And rather dull.

No, this page is “About” what I’m doing here.

I’m relaying good news. Incredibly good news.

woman reading news on mobile deviceBad news requires no searching. It leaps off screens, marches over newspaper headlines, sings its dirges on the radio.

Ah, but the best good news is all around us. I’ve seen it. It’s more timeless than planet Earth, more powerful than lightning, and more beautiful than a sunset. It’s the good news that you have a Creator God who has always loved you. He has come to redeem what you’ve pawned off. He has paid the enormous price of your forgiveness and regeneration. He knows you personally.

He isn’t watching from a distance, either. He is working in this world. He lives among us, in those who have taken Him at His word and traded in their ragged old lives to receive His gift of powerful new ones. People like that have within them a boldness, a drive, a certainty that life’s hard knocks can’t hammer away. Don’t you want to live with that much confidence? I do.

Honestly, I hear what God is doing in some of His people, and it makes me want to get as close to Him as I possibly can. Like when Jesus Christ walked the earth: people just had to touch Him, or listen to Him, or look into His eyes. They went away changed. And the same thing is happening today. The good news about a Savior God is changing lives. People turn to Him and never look back. Because He’s that amazing.

Maybe you know that. Maybe you’ve hoped it’s true. Maybe you’re not sure what to think about Jesus.

I have a challenge for you.

Read the true stories I’m telling here, and see if they don’t make you sit up and take Jesus more seriously.

Then ask yourself: What if He is all He says He is? What if I put complete faith in Jesus alone? What would He do with my life?

These are the stories of people who dared to find out.


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