The Christian’s Secret for Survival

Sometimes we are simply besieged. Too many troubles all at once. Enemies too big to defeat alone. We want some sure-fire way to win. Some secret for making it through the darkness.

I know this is where you expect me to say something like “Christianity has all the answers.”

But actually, when it comes to dealing with trouble, Christianity doesn’t have answers.

Not plural answers.

How will I survive this storm in my life? What's the secret?

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Voices from the Front: 3 Things Persecuted Christians Want You to Know

It’s one thing for me to write about persecution. For me, persecution is only a rising shadow on the horizon.

But it’s quite another for believers to speak to you from within persecution.

So I will step aside and let them talk to you. Here is what I just heard in person from Christians from Syria, Israel, and China. This is what they want you to know about persecution.

Persecuted Christians have a challenging message for those of us not yet being persecuted.

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Keeping Your Bearings in the Storms of Change

Change is “trending,” apparently. And not just for me.

Among my own friends and acquaintances, so many are in flux: students facing college decisions… parents moving to assisted living… grandmas needing jobs… families who’ve lost loved ones… visionaries struggling to realize dreams… leaders dealing with life-altering illnesses…

How can we all keep our feet on the ground when the winds of change threaten to blow us away?

Ship Caught in Storm

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Before Whom I Stand

Onlookers must have wondered if Elijah was blind.

There he stood, only yards from the throne of the wicked King Ahab. The devious Queen Jezebel narrowed her eyes at him from behind the throne. Couldn’t he see them?

Elijah Prays

Elijah saw more.

He saw the Throne above the throne.

So, as if he were the only human being in the room, he said, “As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, before whom I stand…” (I Kings 17:1)

Next to Elijah’s God, Ahab was Nobody.

What does it take to never fear a Nobody?

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In the Path of ISIS, In the Hand of God

“I think we are living on a volcano.”

So says a Christian pastor* from northern Iraq, in the region known as Iraqi Kurdistan. In one day, his city of 35,000 people was inundated by a wave of 55,000 refugees fleeing the violence of ISIS. People were living in parks, in empty buildings, wherever there was a space to sit down. To provide shelter for them all, the city opened its schools and churches opened their buildings. This one pastor’s church shelters 600 people, and feeds 500 families a week.

Photo by Rachel Unkovic/International Rescue Committee,

Photo by Rachel Unkovic/International Rescue Committee,

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