How to Not Live in a Parallel Universe

Have you ever wished you could step into a parallel universe and see how your life would have unfolded in the absence of one life-altering moment?

Do you find yourself wishing you lived in a parallel universe, where things turned out differently?

What was that moment that sent your life veering off in a new direction? Maybe it was a particular choice you made, or an unexpected tragedy, but it was a definite turning point. How has that turning point affected you today?

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Preparing Your Family to Face Persecution


This post is the first in a series discussing practical ways Christian families can prepare to face persecution.

Child Silhouetted Against Flames

Persecution. That’s a word we don’t like to hear. It conjures up Christians thrown to the lions in ancient Roman arenas, martyrs burned at the stake, and news reports of mass executions by Islamic fundamentalists.

At this moment, my family and yours may not be looking down a gun barrel because of our faith. But I can follow current events well enough to know that it is time to decide whom I fear more: God or man. Continue reading

Get Out of the Parking Lot

I can’t park here any longer.
It would be nice to stay put.
To not move, to not try.
Or to try slow
and quit if it gets tough.
But that will not be possible.
For there’s a sign, you see, and I must move on.

No Overnight Parking sign resized
Life’s “No Overnight Parking” Zone

Just when I want to idle in place, life is thrusting me out into traffic.

My own No Overnight Parking zone lies at the corner of Old Job Avenue and New Venture Street. The day my last homeschooled child graduates, I’m out of a job. My work here is done. Time to move on to career #2: freelance writing.

It sounds so easy.

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Before Whom I Stand

Onlookers must have wondered if Elijah was blind.

There he stood, only yards from the throne of the wicked King Ahab. The devious Queen Jezebel narrowed her eyes at him from behind the throne. Couldn’t he see them?

Elijah Prays

Elijah saw more.

He saw the Throne above the throne.

So, as if he were the only human being in the room, he said, “As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, before whom I stand…” (I Kings 17:1)

Next to Elijah’s God, Ahab was Nobody.

What does it take to never fear a Nobody?

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