Living toward Legacy: Creating the Gift You Leave Behind

You and I stand on the threshold of a new year—whether it’s a calendar year, a fiscal year, or simply the next 365 days from today. You may be looking ahead: making resolutions, dreaming bigger dreams, or hoping for the best.

I want to challenge you to do something different.

Your legacy--how you will be remembered--is being built today. Will you leave the legacy you want? Continue reading

Paying It Forward – and Backward

Grinning in his tuxedo, my son—my son!—stands at the front of the church as his bride enters on her father’s arm.

When my son married, I saw all that he had ever been in the man that stood at the front of the church.

Photo by V Square Media

Time rushes in my ears. Time when I was the bride, when my mother sat where I sit now. (What am I doing in her seat?) Time when my son squinted through newborn eyes, and my mother peeked at the little bundle in the arms of her daughter-turned-mother. Time when I cried widow’s tears while my newborn slept, and my mother shared her own bereavements, somehow lightening the weight of my darkness.

All these moments and more flow down that church aisle Continue reading