How to Not Live in a Parallel Universe

Have you ever wished you could step into a parallel universe and see how your life would have unfolded in the absence of one life-altering moment?

Do you find yourself wishing you lived in a parallel universe, where things turned out differently?

What was that moment that sent your life veering off in a new direction? Maybe it was a particular choice you made, or an unexpected tragedy, but it was a definite turning point. How has that turning point affected you today?

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Think About It: Whatever is True

‘Twas the night before my wedding

I was about to marry the most amazing guy in the world. Within 12 hours I was going to shed my widowhood and become a wife again. My little boy was going to have a daddy.

So there I lay in the moonlight, staring up at the ceiling, thinking…

A wedding dress hangs ready for the big day. What are you thinking about now?

…not about my groom’s beautiful blue eyes, or the way he laughed, or our honeymoon plans…

No, I spent the night before my wedding wondering  Continue reading